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500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

A 500-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is an excellent approach to consolidating what you've learned as a yoga instructor. After completing your 500 hours, you will have all of the knowledge required to teach at the advanced level. Because our certifications are Yoga Alliance-accredited, any training you finish with us will qualify you to register as a qualified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance network.

Are you ready to take a daring step into the yoga world? Join us in Rishikesh, India, for an in-depth exploration of the art and science of yoga, as you rediscover yourself. Whether you want to improve your confidence, advance your yoga practice, or learn how to teach yoga, this course with its carefully planned learning approach will be both helpful and empowering. Our 500-hour Yoga TTC is a rigorous yet gratifying method to fulfill all of the Yoga Alliance RYT 500 academic qualifications.

This course of 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh requires roughly two months of constant practice and study. The curriculum is divided into two modules: the 200-hour foundational module and the 300-hour advanced yoga training module.

Our 500-hour Yoga TTC covers an in-depth examination of several critical subjects and practice methods. You will receive an unrivaled education in yoga philosophy and experiential practice, which can only be obtained through a specialized intensive course like this.

This course provides a break from all the distractions of regular life, enabling your unbridled creativity to shine through. Let yourself this one-of-a-kind opportunity to determine what is essential in your life and learn the true essence of yoga. A 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India may rekindle your enthusiasm and restore your trust in yourself as a spiritual artist. This may be a life-changing event that opens your body and mind to new perspectives and opportunities for recognizing and embracing what makes you special.

500 hours Yoga teacher training in rishikesh

You'll get an embodied grasp of yoga philosophy, asanas, and meditation over the first month. Examine and improve yourself from beginner to intermediate-level yoga postures. Yoga alignment and adjustments are also included. Ground yourself with basic pranayama and everyday meditation. With yoga skills, you'll discover your genuine voice and gain confidence in expressing yourself.

During the following four weeks, we will expand on the yoga principles in the 500-hour YTTC. Our attention shifts away from physical forms and towards creativity, subtlety, and in-depth practice. Investigate subtle body energy and advanced practices as you perceive the body as an energetic vessel. It allows your profound knowledge of various pranayama and meditation methods.

Why Yoga In Rishikesh

Why 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh?

There are several reasons why a 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India is popular among yoga enthusiasts and aspiring teachers.

Rishikesh is considered the birthplace of yoga and is home to several renowned yoga schools and ashrams. This makes it a hub for yogic learning and attracts students from all over the world.

A 500-hour teacher training program allows for a more in-depth study of yoga philosophy, asana practice, pranayama, meditation, and other aspects of yoga. This helps students develop a deeper understanding of the practice and enhances their teaching skills.

The program is usually spread over a longer duration (usually 8 weeks), which provides ample time for students to assimilate the teachings and develop a regular practice. This also allows for a more immersive experience in the yogic lifestyle.

India is known for its rich culture, spirituality, and natural beauty. Rishikesh, in particular, is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and offers a serene and tranquil environment for yogic study and practice.

Overall, a 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India offers a unique and transformative experience for those looking to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga and become certified teachers. Additionally, many yoga schools in Rishikesh offer a traditional and authentic approach to yoga, which is rooted in the ancient texts and teachings of yoga. This means that students can expect to receive a comprehensive education that goes beyond just physical postures.

Rishikesh is a popular destination for spiritual seekers and yogis, which creates a supportive and inspiring environment for students to learn and grow in. This can be especially helpful for those who are seeking to deepen their spiritual practice alongside their yoga training.

A 500-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh often includes opportunities to learn about Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine that is closely related to yoga. This can help students gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how to apply these principles to their own lives and teaching.

completing a 500-hour YTTC in Rishikesh, India can be a life-changing experience for many students. Not only do they gain a deeper understanding of yoga, but they also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and experience the transformative power of yoga in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Comprehensive Training

The emphasis of the 500 hour multi-style Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is on pushing one's practice to the next level as well as practicing and studying Yoga. The 500-hour Yoga TTC also covers physical anatomy, self-knowledge, pranayama, deep healing relaxation, practicing and leading meditation, aiding and adjusting, and yoga philosophy. You will also be responsible for independent work, such as reading and writing assignments, as well as initiating home programs in breathing, meditation, Ahimsa (non-violence), diet, self-practice of Yoga, teaching in your way, and Karma Yoga or Yoga Community Service.

Why Should You Choose Vinyasa Yoga Academy

  • To fully master most of the yoga poses.
  • Develop advanced-level yoga practices.
  • Determine what style of yoga you most like to teach.
  • Learn how to read traditional ancient texts to modern-day adaptations.
  • Fully engulfed yourself in the practice of yoga.
  • Live a healthier and more yogic life.
  • Get an RYT 500 certificate.

The Intensive 500-Hour Yoga TTC Is Based On

The classes and training includes:

  • Curriculum from Yoga Alliance.
  • Yoga History, Sutras, and Philosophy.
  • Different forms of yoga.
  • Asanas, Bandhas, and Anatomy.
  • Yoga sequencing, modifications, adjustments.
  • Pranayama & meditation.
  • Unique teaching style.

We Are Special And Different Because

It gives you the complete feeling of a true Yogic experience.

  • Advanced teaching techniques.
  • Being in community service.
  • Follows yoga ethics and yogic lifestyle.
  • Spreading yoga worldwide.

What You Will Get

Benefits Of 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Vinyasa Yoga Academy

Whether you desire to be a yoga teacher or not, all of our teacher training is designed to be helpful and pleasant. We think that yoga is a lifelong learning experience. As a result, this training is not limited to instructors. We welcome everyone interested, appreciates learning, and aspires to have a better understanding of yoga. If you do not want to teach and do not want a diploma, you have no duties. Take your pick among the weekend modules and study as much or as little as you like!

Here are the top reasons for taking the course with Vinyasa:

Yoga History & Philosophy

Learn about the history of yoga, including significant ancient yoga writings such as the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita. Learn about yoga's western journey and history by studying the ancient books that inspired the practice. Read about the renowned Yogi gurus who helped disseminate it throughout Western society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Understanding Different Styles Of Yoga

Discover the origins and principles of eight major yoga systems, including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yin Yoga.

Teaching Cues

We have a group of experienced teachers to offer you mastery in your practice. Many of them are graduates or Ph.D. holders in Yoga. Learn how to speak over 50 various positions' brief and straightforward teaching signals.

Discover Your Own Style

Discover your own unique teaching style and how to create your own classroom and craft a module to teach yoga worldwide. Discover how to overcome your fear of teaching.

Yoga Business & Marketing

Discover the fundamentals of running a yoga company, including identifying teaching opportunities, communication, social media, promotion, and marketing.

Find Teaching Opportunities

Discover how to promote yourself and locate teaching opportunities in your preferred target global market, private clients, yoga studios, corporate yoga, workshops, nearby gyms, and yoga academies, among others.

Ancient Texts

Explore the acclaimed and fascinating old Bhagavad Gita text in depth. Learn the ancient wisdom of this book and how its teachings apply to current life.

Non-refundable Booking Fee

The 100 USD fee required to reserve a spot in our 200-hour yoga teacher training program in India is non-refundable if you change your mind after making the reservation. Based on our prior experience, we have faith in ourselves and are very assured of the caliber of our courses.

Easily change or postpone the course

Please keep your mind open and free even if you are unable to enroll in Vinyasa Yoga Academy's 500-hour yoga teacher training. The purpose of all laws and rules is to protect our students. Your funds are safe. Simply let us know that you need to reschedule by sending us an email or contacting us. We simply ask that you let us know at least two weeks before the beginning of the course.

Book without advance fees

You can pay the deposit after you arrive if you have any questions or concerns about the Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh. But, there is always a potential that the course may be completely filled, in which case you won't have a seat when you come.

Number Of Students

An ideal class size is crucial for delivering the highest caliber yoga instruction. In Asana lessons, where the teacher tries to correct each student's posture, too few pupils result in a lack of desire, while too many students make it difficult to properly communicate with all of them. Our optimal class size is from 20 to 30 people, depending on enrollment.

The ideal time for the course

The best time to make reservations for students and for Vinyasa Yoga Academy is at least two months prior to the commencement of the course. Before you sign up for this yoga course that will change your life, it helps both of us to properly prepare. "Now" is the ideal time to make a reservation if you couldn't earlier.

Fee & Best Location

The cost of the 500-hour yoga teacher training course in India is $2249 USD. The market, where you can get local goods, cuisine, restaurants, and more, is accessible after a short 5-minute stroll. The campus is about a 10-minute walk from the famed Laxman Jhula hanging bridge.

Advanced Teaching Techniques

Discover cutting-edge teaching methods to control your classroom. Discover how to instruct pupils at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Learn about various learning preferences and how to adjust your lessons accordingly.

What Else you can do

When you are in Rishikesh for your 500-hour yoga TTC, there are plenty of things to do, including Ayurveda courses, Reiki courses, sound healing courses, massage courses, etc. Nevertheless, throughout your 500-hour yoga teacher training course, you are not permitted to take any additional courses. We need you to pay close attention. You can participate in any extra training you choose when the course is over.

Seva & Being In Service

Your lessons help people understand the significance of Seva and how to be of service. All of our graduates have the chance to give back to their communities as part of the curriculum by taking on a Seva teaching assignment there.

Quick response

Send us a Whatsapp message if you'd like to communicate with us more rapidly. To clarify your queries, you may also make a voice or video chat using WhatsApp.

On Arrival

You get picked up from the Dehradun Airport by our ashram van at no cost. After arriving, the first thing you may do is get some refreshments; get some fruits, snacks, or tea, and finish signing up. That won't take more than a few minutes. Following that, you may check into your accommodation, have a shower, rest, and then get set to tour Rishikesh and get to know your classmates and friends.


You will be staying at the Vinyasa Yoga School, which is situated in the most tranquil part of Rishikesh, for your Yoga Teacher Training program. The Academy offers stunning mountain vistas, a calm, quiet atmosphere, and a lot of natural beauty all around you. We provide a single or shared room for your 500-hour yoga teacher training course in India. At an additional cost, an AC/heater can also be offered.


Yogic vegetarian meals that are delicious and healthful will be offered three times each day. India is renowned for its exquisite food, wide variety of herbs and spices, and distinctive flavors. According to Ayurveda, our food may help keep the body in balance. Various diets have an impact on our various systems and components. In the lovely country of Rishikesh, you may sample a wide range of cuisine. Breakfast will be served on Sunday. We won't be providing lunch or supper since we want you to enjoy Indian cuisine at one of Rishikesh's many eateries.

Facilities & Complete Modern Facilities

Students have access to laundry and dryer facilities as well as WIFI. Each room includes a private bathroom with a western toilet and a shower with hot and cold water. Depending on their preferences, students can select between single beds or double beds for their rooms. There are blankets, bed linens, pillows, towels, and toilet paper available. During specific times of the day, washing machines are available for free use.

Lifetime Experience

You may have a gratifying experience by enrolling in Vinyasa Yoga Academy's 500-hour yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh. Your eyesight will clear up, and you'll be able to discern the genuine meaning of your existence.

Intensive Yoga Course in India

The 500-hour Yoga TTC in India is an introductory yoga course that aids in the systematic and methodical study of advanced yoga. Asana, pranayama, philosophy, mantra chanting, alignments, adjustments, modifications, and teaching techniques will all be covered both theoretically and practically. We give students a sound classical basis to comprehend yoga in their everyday lives.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Students who successfully complete the coursework will get a certificate for 500 hours of yoga teacher training, which they can use to apply to the Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). When this is finished, you can teach yoga all around the world.

Beautiful Scenery

On the top floor of the structure, our yoga room offers stunning views of the surrounding jungle and mountains. It is a tranquil setting that enables your mind to become totally focused on your practice and studies. We have 5 yoga halls and sizable outside balconies. On the ground level, a sizable dining room with magnificent views is located.

Prohibition On Food items

In our kitchen, we never use meat, eggs, or alcohol. Also, we advise students to abstain from using these substances while they are under our care. We mostly provide vegetarian food.

Vision Of Vinyasa Yoga Academy

Aim & Objective Of Vinyasa Yoga Academy

Our goal is to uplift and instruct yogis all over the world. In order to expand the teaching of yoga over the world, we want to make yoga education accessible and inexpensive. The objective of our training is:

  • Teach advanced yoga lessons.
  • Master the majority of the positions.
  • Decide the type of yoga you enjoy.
  • Learn classic ancient sources for practice & fully immersed yourself in the yoga practice.
  • Look for methods to incorporate your yoga practice into your everyday life.
  • Recognize complex alignment and sequencing as well as the terminology used to describe this crucial asana.
  • Examine the Yoga Sutras' historic philosophical tenets. Discover how to live by these ideas and how to impart them to others.
  • Recognize the tenets of this age-old yoga sister science as well as the three doshas. Investigate the nutrition, meditation, lifestyle, and exercise practices used in Ayurveda.
  • Learn to spot tension or compression in pupils to assist and guide more experienced students through various asanas in a safer manner.
  • Discover the many yoga props available and how to utilize them to alter postures for your students.
  • Learn about the function of the chakras, their energy connections, how yoga affects them, and how to use yoga to repair the chakras.
  • Discover how to safely administer yoga adjustments and their connection to proper body mechanics. Recognize the link between the teacher and the student in adjustments.

Benefits Of Attending Our 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

  • Learn new styles, teaching methodology, and in-depth yoga knowledge.
  • Teach yoga to diverse audiences.
  • Philosophical and historical aspects of yoga.
  • Improve the credibility with the RYT 500 certificate.
  • Learn anatomy and alignment.
  • Use of props and other objects in yoga.
500 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh 500 hours Yoga TTC in Rishikesh 500 hours Yoga TTC in India 500 hours YTTC in Rishikesh 500 hours YTTC in India

Syllabus Vinyasa Yoga Academy

Curriculum Of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In India

Yoga asanas can help with the recovery and management of many common diseases and disorders. These classes will provide students with an introduction to the anatomy and pathology of common health issues that can be dealt through diet, asana, and pranayama practice. There are five key categories of asanas that will be covered in this course, they are standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions. The trainee will be encouraged to practice essential poses in each category. Along with practicing the poses, trainees are also educated about its benefits and functions.

Yogic postures comprise a large part of the daily schedule of the 500-hour yoga teacher training in India . Intending to create expert Yoga practitioners, Vinyassa Yoga Academy offers the guided practice of the methods and techniques. The Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh is designed to help you gain mastery of each of the varied Asanas and their usage to treat various maladies of the human body. You will be taught the rationale behind practicing each Asana as well as which body part or muscle group is being targeted. You will also be taught a list of alternate Asana that can help your conditioning to work up towards complex/high-level Asanas.

Students will learn anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga in order to strengthen their classroom explanations, cues, and corrections of asana. Trainees at this 500-hour yoga teacher training in India are taught how yoga poses can have a therapeutic effect on the body. They are also taught on using Asanas for disease management, a deeper knowledge of the human body where you will make Yoga more impactful and also have a better influence on the student.

This part of the curriculum will include studying the ancient Yogic philosophies and traditional texts. Insights on the yogic lifestyle and other concepts like that of dharma and karma are also explored in the 500-hour yoga teacher training In India , Other facets of Yoga and its beliefs are also shared at the training.

It is believed that being a Yoga practitioner is of great value and should be considered as a form of service to the community. This class will prepare students to study and understand Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Get a profound understanding of breathwork, meditation &Bandha’s, and learn how to use your breath like a wonderful tool to start controlling all systems in your body. Taking care of your mind and how to take the awareness to the Soul level and realize your true nature. ‘The mind is the king of the senses, but breath is the king of the Mind’ Hatha Yoga Pradipika

You will learn how to use the power of the breath to:

  • Clear your mind and sharpen your awareness
  • Increase energy, health, and mental balance
  • Energize or calm your body and mind
  • Become aware of the deeper layers of the self

Techniques taught:

  • Explanation about meditation and how to use the breath to still the mind and sharpen the awareness.
  • Energy and consciousness awakening breathing technique.
  • Guided meditations, breathing, and mind training sessions.
  • Bandhas (Body/ energy locks).

This course will give you the tools to tap into the power of the mind and change your life.

These types of practices are especially of interest to yoga teachers, as they tap into the more subtle forms of using yoga for healing. In meditation/yoga, we sometimes make use of mantras and/or mudras. Mantras are words or phrases that can be repeated aloud or to oneself with the rhythm of the breath, and mudras are the use of the hands to focus the brain

What makes mantras and mudras of such interest to yogis are how they tap into the parts of the body that can be most effective for promoting healing. Thus, mantras and mudras help link physical actions to the functioning of the mind. In yoga, mantras are chanted or repeated silently. When chanted or spoken aloud, we activate the healing capacities of connecting the brain to the mouth, lips, and tongue. Even if repeated silently, mantras can help focus the mind during meditation.

Some common mantras include:-

  • Peace mantras
  • Devotional mantras

Mantra Diksha

  • There will be an initiation ceremony to the yoga tradition on the first day of the course. After taking a shower every student has to dress in white and join the opening ceremony. You will be taken thru an amazing experience. Gayatri initiation with energy transmission called shaktipat will be given. From this day you will be deeply connected to the yoga tradition.
  • It has been stated what without the shaktipat one is not eligible to get the higher knowledge on yoga.


Given the concentration of nerve endings in the hands and fingers, using them in meditation is said to be the most effective body-based yoga style to improve brain function. It also makes mudras one of the most accessible forms of asana, given the undeniably physical aspect of the practice.

Once we have introduced mantas or mudras to youth next step is putting them together. Mantras and mudras are well known in yoga, but it’s their therapeutic effects where they really stand out. Ultimately, mantras and mudras are simple and highly accessible tools to deepen the yoga experience.

Kriya sessions include both basic Kriya and advance kriyas( For Advanced Students only) as explained and practiced by ancient yogi to cleanse body and mind for the Yoga Sadhana. The main benefits of all the kriya is to eliminate toxins and to expand the life span of the cells and organs.

One can adapt the suitable kriyas before starting regular Asana and pranayama practice in the early morning time with specific intervals and duration.

Kundalini yoga involves specific movements, breathing, concentration, meditation, contemplation, philosophy, awakening and takes you to a different plane! One gets physical wellbeing, improved flexibility, mental and emotional strength and clarity, an experience of inner joy, fearlessness, mindfulness, and self-awareness. You will be given a short introduction to Kundalini Yoga.

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means ‘science of life. It is one of the world’s oldest healing systems which is based on the fact that a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual being are all interconnected and diseases or issues occur only due to imbalance between them. The ayurvedic system believes in removing the root causes of diseases through certain lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. You will be taught Ayurvedic treatment including the PanchKosha (5 Bodies) herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Yoga Nidra: Sleep of the Buddhas’

YogaNidra is one of the best gifts yoga has given to humanity. It’s an ancient yogic and tantric practice to consciously relax the deepest layers of body, mind, and soul. It’s also a technique of Pratyahara (the sense withdrawal) i.e. the fifth limb of Ashtanga Yoga. It has the power to transform you at subconscious levels and even deeper. The term yoga Nidra is made from two words, yoga meaning one-pointed awareness and Nidra meaning sleep.

In Yoga Nidra, a yogi appears to be asleep but the consciousness keeps functioning at a deeper level of awareness. That’s why it’s often referred to as psychic sleep or sleep of the buddhas. Yoga Nidra is also a complete meditation technique in itself and can take you to the state of Samadhi i.e. enlightenment.

In this yoga Nidra teacher training you will not only learn how to practice yoga Nidra but also how to guide your students into it. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to teach short and long-term yoga Nidra sessions to individuals or groups.

We introduce classical dance to our students because it is a complete yogic practice done with

  • concentration, mudra, conscious movement, awareness of emotions, eye movements, mantra, music

Here you learn the GaneshaVandana Classical Dance. Here it is bhang which means you dance in such a way that you represent Ganesha in each of your gestures. You will feel yourself and one’s mood change completely by watching you.

  • We will take you thru the methodology for teaching, setting up practices, and the importance of understanding your students.

Our Master Guru Vishnu says the real test is when the teacher has tested not the student.  The concentration and interest of the student matter but if you learn from the right teacher he/she help you to motivate, and generate interest.

We evaluate our teachers through the performance of the students which means that you will have a great experience with great teachers. Yoga is not an academic education but it is life education. Each and every step you have to meet challenges.

You will be evaluated in the following way:-

  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • demonstration
  • Practical Test
  • Written test
  • Behavior

Yoga Certification Course

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Alliance Certificate

Yoga study is one thing, but practicing it is another. No matter how much time you devote to reading during training sessions, nothing can truly prepare you for leading a yoga class. The two go hand in hand: theory and practice. To properly teach yoga, you must both. To teach yoga, you must have an RYT certificate, which you may get by enrolling in our 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India.

You can become certified as an RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance if you complete the course in its entirety. You must have completed all prerequisites for the course, turned in any missed assignments, and been present for every class. Although the curriculum is not supposed to be taken in order, all classes must be finished in order to qualify for certification.

Overview Of The 500-Hour Yoga TTC In India

You will gain knowledge of the history of yoga, the practice of attentive self-awareness, meditation, and a broad range of traditional yogic writings. Anatomy, nutrition, and self-care topics will be covered, including scheduling time for your personal practice. We will talk about the various learning styles of the students, the various teaching methods, hands-on helping, the yoga industry, and more.

In This 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course you will learn asana sequencing and healthy asana choreography. You will gain knowledge about the practice of meditation, its origins in antiquity, and how it evolved into the present mindfulness movement. Your instructors will skillfully incorporate traditional yoga teachings with contemporary science. The 500-Hour Yoga TTC will assist you to become a skilled yoga teacher.

Duration Of 500 Hour YTTC In Rishikesh, India

Everything is made understandable and approachable by us. We offer everything of the curriculum in a manner that will appeal to you, so you can grasp it and adapt it in a manner that is understandable to you, whether it be instructing an advanced asana or dissecting a sutra. The training might last for two months. We primarily want you to enjoy yourself, so keep what works and discard the rest.

Unique Teaching Approach

We want to make sure that you feel at ease instructing students of every skill level, from complete novices who join yoga later in life to experienced yogis and flexible athletes in their twenties. We at Vinyasa Yoga Academy, base our instruction on a thorough knowledge of anatomy. We use mindfulness methods while maintaining a strong foundation in ancient practices for our sessions. You'll discover how to instruct yoga without endorsing any one religion. You'll be able to motivate people thanks to our special training. Those who just want to learn more about the practice of yoga and their personal practice are also welcome to enroll in the course.

We Follow

The 5000 Years Old Yoga Tradition of The Himalayan Masters

Agastya Muni

He is the author of some verses of Rig Veda, He is the one of the most seven revered rishi, one of the siddha of shavism tradition.

Patanjali (4th Century BC)

A great Raja Yogi of Siddha Tradition, Writer of Yoga Sutra- here he brought all 4000 yoga tradition in 196 sutras and make easy.

Siddha Bhogar (550 BC)

A great Siddha accomplished yogi and disciple of Agastya Muni.

Mahavatar Babaji (30 Nov 203 AD still alive in Himalayas)

An immortal yogi of Himalaya, disciple of Siddha Bhogar Nather.

Guru Vishnu: (1974 birth and now in Rishikesh)

Leading Master of yoga and meditation of the ancient Himalayan Tradition. He is the disciple of Swami Veda Bharati and founder of World Peace Yoga School.

Swami Veda Bharati: (1933-2015)

Founder of AHYMSIN, a great yogi and writer of many yoga books. (Disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas)

Swami Rama(1925-1996)

A Himalayan Yogi disciple of Bengali Baba.

Bengali Baba

A Himalayan Yogi disciple of Mahavatar Babaji.

Become A Successful Yoga Teacher

We Are Giving Back To Society

Through humanitarian activities and social projects, our yoga school is dedicated to supporting people. We recognize that poverty and a lack of access to basic essentials may stifle individual and community growth as well as development. That is why we have devoted ourselves to assisting individuals and families in need with financial support, allowing them to satisfy their basic necessities and enhance their level of living.

As part of our commitment to community development, we also actively support projects that foster sustainable livelihoods, open doors to employment and advance improved social and economic laws. We think that through our work, we can have a significant influence on those we serve and help to build a sustainable future for the people of Rishikesh.

To find those in need and make sure our resources are going to the most vulnerable, we collaborate closely with local groups and people. We want to encourage people to take our example and have a good influence on their own communities. One step at a time, working together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

Free eBooks For Yoga

Learn Yoga With Vinyasa Yoga Academy

The existence of free ebooks may not be known to you. Several top-notch free yoga eBooks are also accessible. The good news is that we completed the research for you so you don't have to spend time looking for high-quality ones that are free. Each of the great, well-reviewed, and cost-free eBooks on this list is fantastic! Everyone loves to download free yoga eBooks.

To manage and reduce stress, these yoga ebooks include several yoga postures, mudras (hand gestures), mantras, kriyas, asanas, and breathing techniques. With the clear and concise directions, you will be able to practice right away. We want as many people as possible to benefit from the incredibly powerful yoga, breathing, and meditation practises in the free book.

Himalayan Tradition Of Yoga Meditation

Download Book

Mantra Book By Guru Vishnu Ji

Download Book

Meditation And Its Methods

Download Book

Yoga Nidra Swami Satyananda Ji

Download Book

Patanjali Yoga Sutras By Swami Vivekanand

Download Book

Yoga Anatomy By Leslie Kaminoff

Download Book

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

Download Book

Daily Life of a Yogi By Guru Vishnu

Download Book

Mudra Yoga With The Hands

Download Book

Perennial Phycology Of Bhagwat Geeta

Download Book

Royal Path Practical Lessons On Yoga

Download Book

Meditation And Its Practices

Download Book

Living With Himalayan Masters

Download Book

Dates For 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Dates For 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training At Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Dates Availability Course Price 4 Sharing Room 2 Sharing Room Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Jul To 29th Aug 202402 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Aug To 29th Sep 202404 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Sep To 29th Oct 202404 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Oct To 29th Nov 202404 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Nov To 29th Dec 202404 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Dec To 29th Jan 202506 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

5th Jan To 27th Feb 202507 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Feb To 29th Mar 202505 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Mar To 29th Apr 202505 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

1st Apr To 29th May 202505 Seats left $1899$2499(Only Females) 4 Sharing Room $2599$3199 2 Sharing Room $3199$3799 Private Room Book Now Limited Offer

Daily Routine During Your 500-Hour Yoga Course

Daily Schedule Of 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Classes are held 6 days a week with a rest day every Sunday. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are all included in the daily routine, along with breaks and downtime. Students started instructing the other students for longer lengths of time, such as 30 minutes, during the program's final week. When it was time to teach, we felt well-prepared. The class will start with morning meditation and asana practice each time. After that, we'll meet for a group evaluation and engage in peer teaching with feedback. The emphasis of the module will then be covered in a lecture or practical.

Accommodation at Vinyasa Yoga Academy Dining Area for Yoga TTC in Rishikesh Mountain View in yoga ttc Reception Area Double Sharing Rooms Accommodation Accommodation at Vinyasa Yoga Academy

05:30 AM - 06:15 AM Silence Meditation

06:15 AM - 07:15 AM Pranayama and Meditation

07:30 AM - 09:00 AM Hatha Yoga

09:00 AM - 09:45 AM Breakfast

10:45 AM - 11:45 PM Yoga Anatomy

12:00 AM - 01:00 PM Yoga Alignment & Adjustment/ Teaching Methodology

01:15 PM - 02:00 PM Lunch

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM Self Study

03:45 PM - 04:45 PM Yoga Philosophy

05:00 PM - 06:30 PM Ashtanga Yoga

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM Dinner

What Does The Course Fee Include?

  • Daily vegetarian meals.
  • Yoga Books and study materials.
  • 59 Days & 58 Night Accommodation.
  • Kirtan night, ceremony, and Satsang.
  • Free pick up from Dehradun airport.
  • Weekend excursions, study tours, and local ashram visits.

What Not Included In Your Course Fees

  • Visa/travel expenses.
  • Private room (250 USD extra)
  • Taxi fare from Delhi airport is 80 USD
  • Medical insurance & Medical treatment.
  • Air-conditioner or heater (100 USD extra)
  • Private room with ac/heater 350 USD extra.
  • Taxi fare from Haridwar train station is 1500 INR (18 USD)

Accommodation For This Course

We strongly advise selecting the all-inclusive accommodation choice. Our exclusive yoga school is built and run to make your training convenient and pleasant so you can concentrate on learning while being fed delicious, freshly prepared, healthy meals. There are several room types for every price range.

You can choose between a more affordable shared room or a single room at Vinyasa Yoga School. A hot water-connected bathroom is available in every room. Each week, we clean the rooms and supply fresh towels and bedding. Students have access to wifi in the building. However, you will have to pay extra for special services like AC, Private room, heater, etc.

Accommodation at Vinyasa Yoga Academy Dining Area for Yoga TTC in Rishikesh Mountain View in yoga ttc Reception Area Double Sharing Rooms Accommodation Accommodation at Vinyasa Yoga Academy Washrooms Yoga Hall of Vinyasa Yoga Academy 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

Food For This Course

Every day, a dedicated chef creates three vegetarian meals. Although the cuisine is meant to be "yogic," it doesn't have a lot of spices. The main foods are rice, chapati, and curries. You will also receive drinks, veggies, and raw fruits. Despite the fact that meals are included in the course fee, you may always stroll into town to choose the food of your choosing. We can recommend some local restaurants if you're in the mood for some western cuisine.

Accommodation at Vinyasa Yoga Academy Dining Area for Yoga TTC in Rishikesh Mountain View in yoga ttc Reception Area Double Sharing Rooms Accommodation


Reviews From Our Students

The RYT 500 Course was an excellent learning opportunity. I was able to complete my assignments and studies at my own pace in addition to my other obligations. I was able to advance my physical and mental yoga practice, and I knew I could always rely on Vinyasa Yoga Academy for support. My life was impacted by extensive and thorough knowledge.


Out Of 5 Stars

Overall Rating of 786+ Total Reviews

The school's setting is just wonderful. The energy and vibrations that were introduced into the region are beyond praise. Each instructor is outstanding. It's very great, the Vinyasa Yoga School. I always feel as though I'm in a holy place when I enter the doors. The studio smells amazing all the time! This school stands out due to the variety of sessions and outstanding teachers that have undergone teacher training. Every time I join, I feel wonderful.

I just finished my 500-Hour YTTC. I loved that I could study at my own pace and in my own time for this excellent course. The lecturers' extraordinary skill sets and the added materials were both greatly welcomed. The learning environment is superbly made by Vinyasa Yoga Academy.

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Complete Your Yoga Training

You will become an RYT 500 teacher whether you finish a 200-hour yoga teacher training first, followed by a 300-hour yoga teacher training, or if you do a 500-hour yoga teacher training at the conclusion of the process. A 500-hour RYT is what you will be if you register with Yoga Alliance. A 500-hour YTT is made up of 200-hour YTT and a 300-hour YTT.

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4.9/5 Stars

Facebook Review

4.9/5 Stars

Facebook Review

4.9/5 Stars

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4.9/5 Stars

Facebook Review

4.9/5 Stars

Facebook Review

4.9/5 Stars

Our Trustpilot Reviews

Tanyusha Bhramara

Aug 22, 2019

I just came back from the 200hours TTC and can highly recommend this school if you are looking for devoted and qualified teachers, a nice schedule and beautiful place where you are not too far from the high life but also isolated enough to devote yourself to the teacher training. The food was very nice and diverse, the people in the ashram super lovely and helpful. :)

Vickita Bernas

Aug 23, 2019

It has been an unforgettable experience. Originally, I came to Vinyasa Yoga Academy to get the 200YTT certification for Hatha and Ashtanga, it was such a good experience that I couldn’t leave so soon, I decided I wanted to stay longer from the first week! Teachers are amazing, humble and full of knowledge; the staff is just lovely and the organisation is higher than the average standards in India definitely! I decided to continue with the 300h certification for holistic yoga right after and I am extremely happy with my decision. Still not ready to leave my new Indian family but sure that it won’t be a goodbye but a see you later ! ❤️ Thank you for make these months soooo special ❤️ Namaste

Kanha Tyagi

Dec 30, 2021

Absolutely incredible and a life changer. If you enroll in a yoga teacher training program, you will never be the same. At Vinyasa Yoga Academy, I recently finished a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, and it was an amazing experience. Along with the organization and caliber of the lessons we took, the food we were served was of a high standard and was prepared with care. I also greatly liked the school's location since it was calm and quiet. The Guruji went above and beyond to ensure that everyone was properly taken care of, and all the professors and staff members were really kind and friendly. In fact, I was so impressed with Vinyasa Yoga Academy that I want to finish my 300 hours there in 2024! I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for me and am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Choosing Vinyasa Yoga Academy for my teacher training was the best decision ever. Everything, from the cuisine to the travel, was incredible. It exceeded my expectations by a small margin. We are grateful to Guru ji for creating such a warm and welcoming environment. Those searching for Yoga TTC who are perplexed should not second guess themselves because they are in the right place.

Questions You May Have

Frequently Asked Questions Of 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour yoga teacher training may be compared to Level 1, the 300-hour to Level 2, and the 500-hour to Level 1+2. The 500-hour curriculum combines the 200 and 300-hour programs; it is not a totally unique program. The 300 YTT is an advanced program, whereas the 200 YTT is a fundamental program. You have two options for the 300-hour level 2 course.

This 500-hour teacher training will have a significant influence on your life if you have the time to spend on it. The 500-hour teacher training is a fantastic experience, and you'll also get a good education and be in great physical and mental shape. It's a difficult but worthwhile alternative. Consistency and depth are ensured by completing both the 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs with the same yoga institution.

We include regular pranayama exercises and meditation. Students get the chance to use the methods of yogic practice to discover their identity and express themselves. More emphasis is placed on pranayama, meditation, and how to use what you have learned to achieve a certain objective. Our goal is to cultivate energy as a prelude to a thorough investigation of various breathing and meditation techniques.

We will provide notes and curriculum details. You can download the free ebooks from our page. We'll provide you with detailed instructions on which portions to read. The training will go into great detail on the books' content.

  • Take two months off from your daily responsibilities to practice intense yoga.
  • Detailed understanding and in-depth knowledge.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Affordable and less expensive.
  • Fulfil all of your Yoga Alliance® RYT® course requirements in this manner.
  • RYT 500 certificate accepted by Yoga Alliance.

Sure! When you are unable to spend two months straight away from home, this is a fantastic alternative. Several alumni of our 200-hour program come back to finish their 300-hour yoga teacher training with us.

No, Our days start at daybreak, and until sunset, you'll be involved in class, lectures, seminars, and practicals. Be prepared to fully participate and jump in. The course demands a lot of focus, self-control, and toughness.

We have built in plenty of time for relaxation and recuperation. Every week, you'll get one full day off. Also, there are a few days' gaps between the 200 and 300-hour training so that you and your new buddies may visit Rishikesh.

Our Excursion With Students

500 hours yoga ttc in india excursion 500 hours yttc in rishikesh excursion Excursion yoga teacher training in Rishikesh Excursion yoga teacher training in India

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Rules & Regulations

Policies At Vinyasa Yoga Academy

Every class must be taken by students. In the case of an emergency or illness, one may only take leave with the consent of a respectable instructor. Unannounced departures won't be permitted and will affect the monthly achievement of the students.

Our Happy Clients

By Dalisia, Germany

By Seema Konwar

By Jihan Azmani


  • You need to be self-driven and disciplined to fully benefit from the training.
  • Before you join, get your body and mind ready for this intensive training.
  • All classes and activities must be attended.
  • Respect your teachers and colleagues.
  • Misconduct and misconduct won't be accepted.

Principles And Guidelines

In Rishikesh, we are a classic and authentic Yoga school. You must follow these guidelines while the training:

  • Instruction begins in the early morning and continues into the evening. There will be a brief pause between each meal.
  • Respect everyone both on and off campus.
  • There are no refunds for the course after you enroll. The advance payment is likewise non-refundable, although it can be applied to another month if the timing of your course has to be changed.
  • If you want to skip a meal, please notify reception at least 3 hours in advance.
  • Non-vegetarian food, smoking, and alcohol consumption are not permitted on the Vinyasa Yoga Academy grounds.

General Rules

  • On the grounds, modest attire is required.
  • After 8 p.m., there should be complete silence.
  • Homework should be accomplished regularly.
  • All classes must be attended.
  • Bring one white outfit for the welcoming ceremony.
  • There will be a final test, both theoretical and practical, as part of the evaluation system.
  • Vinyasa Yoga Academy maintains the right to disqualify any student for misbehavior or breaching the guidelines at any point throughout the TTC.
  • Pets are not permitted in the rooms.

Know Your Yoga Guru, Teachers, & Mentors

Best Yoga Teachers In Rishikesh, India

Vinyasa Yoga Academy protects all of Rishikesh's pearls, and here we will make you a certified and highly skilled yoga teacher. Our professors are straightforward, humble, and eager to serve and share their knowledge. Each class has a different teacher. We have several yoga teachers that are committed to changing your life.

Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

Our Master, Founder, Meditation

Yogi Naveen

Vinyasa / Ashtanga

Yogi Praveen

Meditation & Philosophy

Yogi Himanshu

Yoga Therapy

Yogi Sunil

Yoga Therapy

Sujata Ray

Yoga Therapy

Guna Ji

Yoga Therapy

Reviews & Testimonials

Students feedback about Yoga Teacher Training in Risikesh, India

Life changing experience! I have traveled the world over my 58 years on this earth and never experienced this deep, thought provoking guidance. I just wanted to improve my yoga practice. I came knowing NOTHING but I wanted to do correct poses. As I stated, I am 58 years young and only tried yoga a year ago with DVDs and you tube. I recommend this specific school because their is something amazing going on here up in the lush beautiful green hills of Rishikesh, India. Your mind is the only thing holding you back. I found Vinyasa Yoga Academy online while searching for schools. I was drawn to this school and a year later was blessed to come learn not only physical yoga but SO MUCH MORE. I believe, never in the states could I have had this experience for 1/3 the cost AND included room and board and the best weekly outings on our day off.

Janice Jensen

I was looking for a yoga school to go on Rishikesh, after many research I like their reviews and decide to go to Vinyasana Yoga Academy in the end of the year. But de pandemia cames and this plan was over. One day I get to the site to see the class for the next year, and for my surprise they have now online course. Truly it was one of the best choices I had ever made! The teacher have many many knowledge, always answered our questions, explaining the smal details af each asana, the books were incredible with all information and details that I needed. I recomend this online course for anyone who wants to start or go deeper on your journey as yoga teacher, because after doing this I fell that the knowledge is something that I will pass all my life learning and evolving on it! Namaste to all my teachers, and I can't wait for the 300h course!

Ana Carolina Macacini

I did the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Vinyasa Yoga Academy and I really want to recommend them because it was a Unique experience for me. All the teachers and team was so careful and did a really great job. Besides that, we become like a family on the course, all the share and love spread thru this days was really inspire! The content of the course was perfect and I�m a better yogi now, for sure. I�m leaving the course wanting to do a new one and already missing everyone!

Nina Forlin

Best experience ever, this last 34 weeks really change everything around and inside. The Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a truly a family and you can grow so much with their help. The teachers of the school were incredible, absolute caring and professional, and every day there where ready to be for us. We develop an incredible bond with the rest of the students, be share so much and everyone teach me something different, I will never forget. I will continue my studies next month for the 300 hrs YTT in this same Academy because is totally worth it and I cant think in a better place and people. Thank you very much.

Carolina Pe�±a


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