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Ayurveda Treatment Package In Rishikesh

Vinyasa Yoga Academy is located in the Valley of Saints or Rishikesh. Our campus area is made according to the nature laws and 100% vastu property. It is one of the best Ayurveda destinations in the world. The campus area radiates Satva for its all inhabitants which increases the authentic Ayurveda experience for our guests.

Our daily routine, diet, medication, therapies, and treatments reflect authenticity, efficiency, and unparalleled purity. Come and experience authentic Ayurveda to heal your soul, body, and mind. You may achieve a new level of health, one you've probably never achieved before, with the support of professionals throughout these encounters. Mental, physical, and spiritual upheaval. Let's take a moment to relax and start the path to health and happiness with calming treatments designed just for your body.

Ayurveda Treatment Therapies

Overview Of Our Ayurveda Treatment Therapies

Maintaining excellent health and living a long life are considered fundamental aspects of human existence in Ayurvedic medicine, just as they are in Eastern medicine. Good health is often taken for granted in the West; people only seek medical attention when they are sick or injured.

For this reason, Ayurvedic diagnosis is based on a patient's pulse, and therapy begins long before any symptoms appear, in contrast to Western medicine.

One of the primary tenets of Ayurveda is the need to take care of one's health in order to avoid sickness and other health complications. The severity of the disease and the likelihood of a cure are both greatly improved by early identification. Participants can stay in our campus for full treatment.

Wellness Include

Our Ayurveda Treatment Services Includes

Our Ayurveda treatment packages are made under the supervision of our experienced Vaidyas. These packages have been carefully designed to cater to the needs of anyone seeking a therapeutic encounter. From those seeking a first exposure to Ayurveda to seasoned Panchakarma enthusiasts. Our packages provide an authentic Ayurvedic experience that aims to enhance your healing, rejuvenation, and overall balance on your wellness journey with us.

Abhyangam (Ayurvedic Oil Massage) - 1500 INR

The Special Herbal Massage is another name for abhyangam. Among the many Ayurvedic treatments, abhyangam is among the most popular. The client is seated on the Droni, an Ayurvedic treatment bed. We delicately rub the head while administering a herbal oil.

Later, the masseuse will move on to the back, shoulders, neck, and ears. Next, he/she is rolled onto his/her back and the massaging motion is maintained down his body. The customer will be asked to lay on their right side, left side, stomach, and back, and eventually sit down for the massage.

Elakizhi (Herbal Leaf Bundle Massage) - 1500 INR

Elakizhi or Herbal Leaf Bundle Massage is one of the modern treatments. Herbal poultices are made using a variety of medicinal powders and anti-vata plants. Massaging the client's whole body, including their neck, shoulders, hands, and back as they are shifted from side to side, these poultices are warmed in medicinal oils.

Nasyam (Nasal Therapy) - 500 INR

Nasal Therapy or Nasyam includes gentle massage on your neck and shoulders with warm oil. We do it in a precise order so that it can be more effective for your body. As we determine the patient's specific needs based on their body composition, we gently pour Nasyam oil which includes herbs, through the nostrils while the patient's head is inclined backward. A slow and gentle massage of the neck, hands, and feet is also part of this. The next step is for the patient to spit out the oil after drawing it into his throat.

Kativasti (Lower Back Therapy) - 1200 INR

The Sanskrit roots of the term Kativasti are Kati meaning lower back and Vasti meaning liquid retention. Black gram paste is applied to the lower back area to provide a barrier as part of this treatment. This creates a sturdy opening into which any liquid may be poured. The Ayurveda practitioner selects a blend of herbs and oils for therapy. These herbs are selected based on several criteria, including the patient's disease, underlying reasons, body dosha type, and other variables.

We pour the hot liquid into the dam you made on the back. The liquid is monitored often to make sure it maintains its warmth while this sits for a while. Following the removal of the oil, a light massage is applied to the back to promote improved circulation. Kativasti, like any other Ayurvedic treatment, is best done under the supervision of a trained Ayurveda physician.

Netra Tharpanam (Eye Rejuvenation Therapy) - 1200 INR

Netra means eye in Sanskrit and Tharpanam means rehydration. These two terms together form the name Netra Tharpanam. As part of this treatment, a herbal paste is applied to the area around the eyes to create a barrier or well. Then, therapeutic ghee is poured into this opening. To make the ghee, we determine the patient's dosha, and herbs are added while it is heated.

The specific plants used in a medical combination might be influenced by several variables, including the type of the condition being treated. After heating the ghee, we let it cool, pour it into the well or barrier, and let it settle. For certain durations, the patient will be instructed to alternate between opening and closing their eyes. The ghee not only restores moisture to the eyeball but also functions as a strong eye cleaner.

Njavarakizhi (Rice Bolus Massage) - 1200 INR

Navarakizhi usually means the body's fomentation. In Njavarakizhi treatment, a thick layer of medicinal oil is spread over the patient's whole body. The next step is to massage the body using little boluses of cooked Njavara rice wrapped in cotton linen. The Njavarakizhi technique involves immersing boluses in a rejuvenating concoction of cow's milk and brewing herbs, and then applying the resulting sudation perspiration all over the body.

Boiling cleaned Navara rice in a blend of milk and herbal decoction is an intricate and scripturally based therapy procedure performed. A bolus is prepared by wrapping it in a delicate cotton fabric.

Podikizhi (Herbal Powder Bundle Massage) - 1500 INR

The Sanskrit roots of the English terms powder and bolus are Podi and Kizhi, respectively. Herbal boluses are used in the therapeutic process. Sweating and generalized hyperthermia are the results of this massage therapy. A bolus of well-chosen dry herbs is used to make Podikizhi. Many considerations are taken while selecting the herbs for the bolus, including the patient's dosha.

There are two methods to make Podikizhi: either dip the Kizhi in heated oil or use it warm and dry. The intended ayurvedic impact or healing will dictate this. To make the bolus, first warm the herbs of your choice in a skillet, and then tie them in. The bolus is then immersed in heated oil if oil is being used.

As the patient heats up and begins to perspire, the bolus is gradually administered to various areas of the body. When this happens, the patient will feel a tremendous sense of relaxation and lightness. Properly maintaining a warm bolus temperature is essential while doing Podikizhi.

Shirodhara (Forehead Oil Pouring Therapy) - 1800 INR

Shirodhara means head flow in Sanskrit, and the name is a derivative of the term. Oil, milk, or herbal concoctions in oil are poured over the head as part of the treatment. Once Shirodhara is performed, it offers several advantages. The Ayurveda practitioner selects an oil for this treatment based on the patient's dosha. While selecting the oil, further considerations are made, including the weather and the conditions that have to be addressed.

Before using the oil, herbs are soaked in it. The patient's forehead is covered with a saucepan that has been warmed and filled with oil. Over the patient's head, the oil flows in a controlled stream via a tiny hole in the pot. After the stream or flow has been opened, the pot is allowed to sway back and forth while oil is poured over the patient's forehead. Throughout the therapy, great care is taken to keep the oil at a warm temperature. Along with this, you'll get a relaxing head massage.

Shirovasti (Head Oil Retention Therapy) - 1200 INR

Shirovasti is a Sanskrit word and Shiro means head and Vasti means container. It refers to a method that entails the thorough application of herbal oil. This treatment involves taking a herbal oil bath for your head. A leather hat is worn on the head and flour is applied to the bottom of the cap to keep the oil from leaking out. Subsequently, a tepid medicinal oil is applied to the whole head for a designated duration.

Takradhara (Buttermilk Pouring Therapy) - 1200 INR

Takradhara originates from the Sanskrit terms takra which refers to buttermilk, and dhara meaning flow. This treatment utilizes buttermilk, which may be combined with herbs such as Amla. The therapy is similar to Shirodhara and entails the application of medicated buttermilk being poured over the head.

The buttermilk is placed into a container, from which it is gradually released to flow over the patient's forehead. It is important to ensure that the stream is aimed accurately at the intended area. The optimal placement is immediately over the midpoint of the forehead, precisely between the eyebrows. This process has a profoundly refreshing impact on the body.

Thalam (Medicated Paste Application For Head) - 1300 INR

Thalam is an Ayurvedic therapy that specifically targets the head. It is highly concentrated on the cranial area of the patient. Thalam is performed by first blending a concoction of Ayurvedic herbs into a paste. The herbs are meticulously chosen by an Ayurvedic practitioner. The selection of herbs is often customized to meet the specific requirements of each patient.

After carefully choosing and combining the herbs, they are then combined with the appropriate oils to form a paste. Subsequently, this adhesive is administered to the middle region of the cranium. The paste is left to sit for a duration, and subsequently, the head is treated with oil massage. Amlaki is a widely used ingredient in herbal pastes because of its cooling attribute.

Thalapothichil (Herbal Paste Application For The Head) - 1300 INR

Thalapothichil originates from the Sanskrit terms thala, which refers to the head, and pothichil, which means covering. This therapy involves positioning the patient in an erect posture, assuring their comfort. Subsequently, the scalp and head are subjected to a gentle massage using warm herbal medicinal oils.

The massage is performed deliberately and cautiously, ensuring that the oil thoroughly permeates the scalp. This treatment offers a profoundly soothing and refreshing sensation to the individual. After the completion of the Abhyangam for the head, a mixture is prepared using buttermilk and the necessary herbs.

The paste is evenly spread in a thick layer on the skull, with a slight indentation in the center. A minute quantity of therapeutic oil is inserted into the diminutive aperture located in the middle. Subsequently, the patient is permitted to remain seated with this amalgamation on their head for a certain duration. Afterwards, the paste is eliminated and the head massage is repeated.

Udwarthanam (Dry Powder Massage) - 1500 INR

Udwarthanam is a vigorous kind of massage treatment. During this treatment, a selection of dried herbs is made based on the patient's dosha. Subsequently, the herbs are pulverized into a fine powder. This powder is specifically used for the Udwarthanam massage. During the process of Udwarthanam, the powder is meticulously administered and vigorously rubbed in an upward trajectory. The coarse powder has a strong exfoliating effect on the skin.

Pizhichil (Oil Bath Therapy) - 2000 INR

Pizhichil is a rigorous Ayurvedic treatment that includes sweating and applying heat. Pizhichil is an essential component of a genuine Ayurvedic cleansing or panchakarma. The process is executed in a systematic way as prescribed by Ayurveda. Pizhichil involves the selection of certain herbs based on the patient's condition. Subsequently, an oil is selected based on the dosha type of the patient.

The oil is heated with the herbs and thereafter used for the therapy. Pizhichil is a therapeutic procedure that combines the application of heated oil over the full body of the patient with massage. This process generates thermal energy, leading to perspiration, which aids in the elimination of detrimental ama or toxins from the body. In some circumstances, around 3-4 liters of herbal oil or ghee are used. The oil is consistently heated to achieve uniform dispersion of heat.

Inclusion, Excursion & Cost

Cost For Our Ayurveda Treatment Package

Guests can stay in Vinyasa Yoga Academy for their treatment. We provide private or shared rooms for our guests. Here are the price details:

  • The Treatment will be decided according to our Doctor

Stay & food

1999 INR/Day

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Life changing experience! I have traveled the world over my 58 years on this earth and never experienced this deep, thought provoking guidance. I just wanted to improve my yoga practice. I came knowing NOTHING but I wanted to do correct poses. As I stated, I am 58 years young and only tried yoga a year ago with DVDs and you tube. I recommend this specific school because their is something amazing going on here up in the lush beautiful green hills of Rishikesh, India. Your mind is the only thing holding you back. I found Vinyasa Yoga Academy online while searching for schools. I was drawn to this school and a year later was blessed to come learn not only physical yoga but SO MUCH MORE. I believe, never in the states could I have had this experience for 1/3 the cost AND included room and board and the best weekly outings on our day off.

Janice Jensen

I was looking for a yoga school to go on Rishikesh, after many research I like their reviews and decide to go to Vinyasana Yoga Academy in the end of the year. But de pandemia cames and this plan was over. One day I get to the site to see the class for the next year, and for my surprise they have now online course. Truly it was one of the best choices I had ever made! The teacher have many many knowledge, always answered our questions, explaining the smal details af each asana, the books were incredible with all information and details that I needed. I recomend this online course for anyone who wants to start or go deeper on your journey as yoga teacher, because after doing this I fell that the knowledge is something that I will pass all my life learning and evolving on it! Namaste to all my teachers, and I can't wait for the 300h course!

Ana Carolina Macacini

I did the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Vinyasa Yoga Academy and I really want to recommend them because it was a Unique experience for me. All the teachers and team was so careful and did a really great job. Besides that, we become like a family on the course, all the share and love spread thru this days was really inspire! The content of the course was perfect and I�m a better yogi now, for sure. I�m leaving the course wanting to do a new one and already missing everyone!

Nina Forlin

Best experience ever, this last 34 weeks really change everything around and inside. The Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a truly a family and you can grow so much with their help. The teachers of the school were incredible, absolute caring and professional, and every day there where ready to be for us. We develop an incredible bond with the rest of the students, be share so much and everyone teach me something different, I will never forget. I will continue my studies next month for the 300 hrs YTT in this same Academy because is totally worth it and I cant think in a better place and people. Thank you very much.